Thursday, 20 August 2009

James Wardill 1822-1884 & Charlotte Hansell 1822-1888

St Mary's Church, Whitby where James & Charlotte were married

James was born on the 2nd January 1822 at Green end Farm in Goathland, North Yorkshire.
He was the only living child of Joseph & Elizabeth

He married Charlotte Hansell born 1822 in Goathland, on the 15th May 1847 at St Mary’s Church Whitby.
They lived at Ashes Farm in Goathland and James farmed 79 acres of land.

They had 12 children who were all born in the Whitby area.

Hannah Born 2nd April 1848
Jane Born 20th April 1849 died 16 may 1851
Mary Born 26th Sept 1850
Jane Born 25th April 1852
John Born 27th October 1853
Jonathan Born 26th December 1854
Sarah Born 23rd April 1856
Ann Elizabeth Born 26th May 1857
James Born 27th October 1858 died 3rd January 1859
James Born 5th March 1860 died 14th February 1885
Emma Born 28th January 1861
William Born 22nd September 1864

James died on the 21st January 1884 at Ashes Farm, Ruswarp, Whitby.
Charlotte died on the 16th November 1888 in Goathland, North Yorkshire


  1. Hi Tracey,

    I found your blog while looking up my family name, my grandfather was Arthur James Wardill, born in Kingston 1878. His father was James Wardill and his mother Eliza Betts.
    My mother was Elizabeth Doreen, and her brother James.

    I remember my mother telling me that his family came from wonder if he was related in any way to your family. My names is Norma Farmer.

  2. Hi Norma
    Thanks for passing by.. I've had a look on my tree but have non of the names you mention..
    plenty of James and Arthurs but non matching..
    Do you happen to have any more names as i could possibly have missed your names out or something..
    I have well over 2000 names in my tree so it'd be great if your a branch i've missed xx