Thursday, 20 August 2009

James Wardill 1822-1884 & Charlotte Hansell 1822-1888

St Mary's Church, Whitby where James & Charlotte were married

James was born on the 2nd January 1822 at Green end Farm in Goathland, North Yorkshire.
He was the only living child of Joseph & Elizabeth

He married Charlotte Hansell born 1822 in Goathland, on the 15th May 1847 at St Mary’s Church Whitby.
They lived at Ashes Farm in Goathland and James farmed 79 acres of land.

They had 12 children who were all born in the Whitby area.

Hannah Born 2nd April 1848
Jane Born 20th April 1849 died 16 may 1851
Mary Born 26th Sept 1850
Jane Born 25th April 1852
John Born 27th October 1853
Jonathan Born 26th December 1854
Sarah Born 23rd April 1856
Ann Elizabeth Born 26th May 1857
James Born 27th October 1858 died 3rd January 1859
James Born 5th March 1860 died 14th February 1885
Emma Born 28th January 1861
William Born 22nd September 1864

James died on the 21st January 1884 at Ashes Farm, Ruswarp, Whitby.
Charlotte died on the 16th November 1888 in Goathland, North Yorkshire

Joseph Wardill 1790-1878 & Elizabeth Toppin 1786-1863

Joseph was born on the 5th December 1790 in Goathland, North Yorkshire. He was the ninth child born to Jonathon & Elizabeth

On the 1861 census it states that he lived at Ashes Farm in Ruswarp, Whitby, North Yorkshire and that he farmed 80 acres of land. Prior to that he farmed Green End Farm in Goathland.

Green End Farm

He married Elizabeth Toppin born 1786, on the 16th August 1813 in Birstall, Yorkshire.

They had 3 children who were all born in Goathland:
John Born 28th November 1819 he died on the 28th May 1828 in Goathland and is buried in Goathland Churchyard. He drowned in a pool on his way home from school.
James Born 2nd January 1822
Jane Born 8th July 1827 and died the same day.

Joseph died on the 31st May 1878 in Goathland, North Yorkshire
Elizabeth died on the 17th June 1863, also in Goathland.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Jonah Wardill 1784-1854 & Mary Breckon 1788-1874

Jonah Wardill was born on the 26th December 1784 in Goathland, North Yorkshire, to Jonathon & Elizabeth

He was a carpenter and lived and died in Goathland.

On the 1841 census the house name is a little unclear but it looks like “Fenarick House” where he lived.
He married Mary Breckon born 1788 in Goathland on the 29th June 1807,in Pickering,North Yorkshire, 4 months before their first child was born.

They had 15 children who were all born in Goathland:
John Born 25th October 1807
Jonathan Born 10th December 1809
Jonah Born 23rd February 1812
James Born 24th July 1814
Jane Born 28th July 1816
Job Born 29th November 1818
Richard Born 25th January 1821
Jonah Born 9th August 1822
Allan Born 30th October 1823
Mary Born 19th March 1826
Joseph Born 29th December 1829 and died 6th April 1830
Elizabeth Born 9th October 1831 and died 10th March 1832
Elizabeth Born 17th November 1833
Hannah Born 23rd June 1836 and died 22nd April 1840
William Born 23rd February 1812

Mary died on the 27th November 1874 at Darnholme, Goathland, North Yorkshire
Jonah died 1st March 1854

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jonathan Wardill 1804-1858 & Mary Ann Burton 1818-1900

Jonathan Wardill was born on the 31st October 1804 in Bridlington, East Yorkshire and was the 1st son of John & Elizabeth

He was a cabinet maker and auctioneer and married Mary Ann Burton born 1818 in Bridlington, on the 26th February 1837 in Bridlington.
Mary Ann was a dressmaker.

They had 9 children
John Robert Born March 1839
Ann Elizabeth Born June 1841
William Born March 1843 and died June 1844
William Born December 1845
Margaret Burton Born June 1847
Henry Born September 1849
Frances Smith Born March 1852
Joseph Born 1854
Lucy Burton Born June 1856
All the children were born in Bridlington

Jonathan died on the 31st August 1858 in Bridlington and Mary died on the 20th August 1900 in Bridlington.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Charles Alfred Wardill 1855-1929 & Sarah Ann Watson 1858-1915

Charles Alfred Wardill was born on the 30th September 1855 and was the 4th child born to Michael & Susannah

Although born in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, he emigrated to Canada in 1887, 2 years after marrying Sarah Ann(Ellen) Watson on the 5th November 1885 at St Olave's Church, York.

Sarah was born in Bridlington, East Yorkshire on the 23rd September 1858.

On the 1871 census it states that Charles occupation was an apprentice Carver & Gilder.
By 1881 and living in Essex, England he was a Steam Vessel Engineer.

They had 7 children who were all born in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Charles Alfred Born 11th August 1886
Harold York Born 26th August 1888
Wilfred Born 20th January 1890
Oswald Born 4th August 1892
George Horace Born 14th July 1893
John Hollis Born 6th July 1894
Kate Mildred Born 22nd February 1897

Charles Died in Nanaimo, British Columbia on the 29th June 1929 and Sarah died, also in Nanaimo, on the 30th March 1915

Also Charles invented the Bicycle Brake.. Here's a copy of the patent

Frederick William Wardill 1853-1914 & Elizabeth Hannah(Libbie) Jackson 1860-before 1911

Buckton Hall near Bridlington

Fredrick William Wardill was the 3rd child of Michael & Susannah

He was born in Bridlington on the 18th September 1853.

His occupation was a Dental surgeon and by 1911 he lived in a large 16 roomed house in Bridlington and had a servant.

On the 19th April 1884, Frederick married Elizabeth Hannah Jackson who was born in June 1860 in Buckton on the outskirts of Bridlington.
Elizabeth lived in Buckton Hall in Bempton, Bridlington prior to getting married.

They married at Bempton church near Bridlington.
They had 8 children
Joseph Jackson Born March 1885
Jessie Born September 1886
Frederick William Born June 1888
Harold Born June 1890
Marjorie Jane Born March 1892
Wilfred George Born March 1892
Cecil Born March 1894
Kathleen Vera Born September 1900

Frederick died in 1914 in Bridlington and Elizabeth died between 1901 and 1911

Ann Elizabeth Wardill 1848-c1920 & Thomas Jordan Wardill 1851-1918

Thomas and family about 1889

Ann Elizabeth Wardill was born on the 10th of October 1848 in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. She was the first child of Michael & Susannah

Ann married her 2nd cousin Thomas Jordan Wardill born 30th April 1851 in Stepney, London, on the 17th February 1874 at Christ Church in Bridlington.

He worked for his father as a mechanical engineer. then later became a Builder
In 1871 before he was married he lived at Tower Hamlets, St George in the Eastend of London.
By 1891 they both lived in Leyton, Essex.
They had 7 Children:

Clara Born 1874
Daisy Born 1875 died in the same year
Violet Born 1875 died in the same year
Frank Born 1876
May Born 1880
Ethel Born 1882
Elsie Born 1887

and when Thomas died on 18th July 1918 he was in Broadstairs, Kent.

Ann died about 1920 but as yet i have no record of it.

Annie Wardill 1880-? & Joseph Kroopka 1877-1942

Annie Wardill was Francis & Hannah's 5th child, she was born on the 17th May 1880. on the 1901 census she was listed as a domestic servant in Bridlington.

on the 5th of September 1911 she married a man from The Ukraine, in Australia
Joseph Kroopka who was born on the 28th May 1877. he died in Queensland Australia on the 19th June 1942.

Unfortunatly i have no other details on Annie & Joseph at this time.

Herbert Wardill 1877-1957 & Alice Smith 1880-1921

Coble boats at Flamborough. Painted in 1915 by Herbert. this picture is now in Sewerby Hall near Bridlington.

Herbert Wardill was born in 1877 in Hilderthorpe, Bridlington. He was the 4th child of Francis & Hannah

His occupation was a house painter but he also painted pictures too.
Lake Hotel, Killarney painted in 1906

Old Cottage at Killarney. Painted in 1906

Herbert married Alice Smith born 1880 in Bridlington, in June 1899 in Bridlington

They had 7 children
Florence May Born March 1900
Charles Herbert Born 1901
Leonard Born 1905
Olive Born 1908
Lawrence (Laurie) Born September 1912
Albert Born 1915
Bernard Born 1918 and died 2nd March 1919
All the children were born in Bridlington.

Alice died on the 8th March 1921

Herbert re- married and got wed to Alice Trowhill
Herbert died on the 22nd January 1957 in Bridlington

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Harry Jackson Wardill 1876-1935

Harry Jackson Wardill was born in Bridlington in 1876 and was the eldest son of Francis & Hannah

He married Mary Alice Constable in March 1899 in Bridlington

Mary Alice was born in 1878 in Bridlington.

Harry was a house painter and also a councillor

They had 7 children but one died which I found out from the 1911 census.

The other 6 children were:
Francis William born 1899
Harold born 1900
Tom born 1904
Ethel born 1906
Eva born 1908
George Constable born 1910 . The Constable name was his mothers maiden name.

Harry died 29th October 1935 in Bridlington
Mary died 13th February 1952 in Bridlington