Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jonathan Wardill 1804-1858 & Mary Ann Burton 1818-1900

Jonathan Wardill was born on the 31st October 1804 in Bridlington, East Yorkshire and was the 1st son of John & Elizabeth

He was a cabinet maker and auctioneer and married Mary Ann Burton born 1818 in Bridlington, on the 26th February 1837 in Bridlington.
Mary Ann was a dressmaker.

They had 9 children
John Robert Born March 1839
Ann Elizabeth Born June 1841
William Born March 1843 and died June 1844
William Born December 1845
Margaret Burton Born June 1847
Henry Born September 1849
Frances Smith Born March 1852
Joseph Born 1854
Lucy Burton Born June 1856
All the children were born in Bridlington

Jonathan died on the 31st August 1858 in Bridlington and Mary died on the 20th August 1900 in Bridlington.

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