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Jonah Wardill 1784-1854 & Mary Breckon 1788-1874

Jonah Wardill was born on the 26th December 1784 in Goathland, North Yorkshire, to Jonathon & Elizabeth

He was a carpenter and lived and died in Goathland.

On the 1841 census the house name is a little unclear but it looks like “Fenarick House” where he lived.
He married Mary Breckon born 1788 in Goathland on the 29th June 1807,in Pickering,North Yorkshire, 4 months before their first child was born.

They had 15 children who were all born in Goathland:
John Born 25th October 1807
Jonathan Born 10th December 1809
Jonah Born 23rd February 1812
James Born 24th July 1814
Jane Born 28th July 1816
Job Born 29th November 1818
Richard Born 25th January 1821
Jonah Born 9th August 1822
Allan Born 30th October 1823
Mary Born 19th March 1826
Joseph Born 29th December 1829 and died 6th April 1830
Elizabeth Born 9th October 1831 and died 10th March 1832
Elizabeth Born 17th November 1833
Hannah Born 23rd June 1836 and died 22nd April 1840
William Born 23rd February 1812

Mary died on the 27th November 1874 at Darnholme, Goathland, North Yorkshire
Jonah died 1st March 1854

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