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Francis Wardill 1851-1930 and Hannah Waites 1852-1919

Bridlingtons High Street, the Old Town area where my family are from

Francis Wardill was born on 16th February 1851 in Bridlington, East Yorkshire and has 6 siblings.
He was a house painter and ran his own business.

Francis married Hannah Waites, who was born in September 1852 in Hilderthorpe, Bridlington, in June 1873 in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.
In 1871, Hannah is listed as been a General Servant.

They had 11 children

When I visited my uncle in 2004, he informed me that Frank (as he was known) had a glass eye and was a very strict man, He was known in Bridlington as "The Engraver" as he did it as a hobby. He loved eating Cod Roe and Great Grandma (Hannah) went mad at the smell of it..

Francis died on the 20th December 1930 and Hannah died in 1919 They both died in Bridlington.

Here’s a list of their children

Mary Elizabeth Born 1871
Ada Alice Born 1873
Harry Jackson Born 1876
Herbert Born 1877
Annie Born 1880
Lillian (Lilly) Born 1882
Maud Born 1883
John Born 1885
George Born 1886
Thomas Born 1887
Florence Born 1892

They were all born in Bridlington

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