Thursday, 30 July 2009

Michael Wardill 1811-1880 and Susannah Jackson 1824-1909

Michael was born on the 27th December 1811 in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.
His occupation varied. He was a Painter, Plumber and later a Dentist.He was also a Photographer and Portrait Painter.

Michael married Susannah Jackson, who was born in 1824 in Driffield, East Yorkshire, They married on 10th August 1848 at Bridlington Parish Church.

They had 7 children who were all born in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Ann Elizabeth Born 1848
Francis Born 1851
Fredrick William Born 1853
Charles Alfred Born 1855
Clara Born 1860
George Jackson Born 1862
Harry Born 1867

Michael painted this family portrait and even put himself in it ( 2nd from the right) I’ve actually seen the original portrait and it is remarkable. It was painted in 1838 and is in a gorgeous gilt frame.

Michael died in 1880 in Bridlington and Susannah died in 1909 in Wyvenhoe, Broadstairs, Kent. She is buried in St Peters in Thanet. She was a dressmaker.
Michael is buried in the Priory Church graveyard in Bridlington.

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